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"A small workshop specializing in automated craftsmanship"
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Ceiling fixtures aren't supposed to move, we take their stability for granted. But what would happen if they were given just a small amount of intelligence, a way to see, and controllable limbs? That is the premise of Tentalux - the first lamp that adapts and interacts with its environment. Tentalux can be controlled by your voice ("Alexa, ask Tentalux to dance"), an iPad, smartphone, or computer. But the really interesting things happen when Tentalux is allowed to operate on its own.

Using a camera, where the mouth of a cephalopod would normally reside, and computer vision, the lights and tentacles of the chandelier come to life. Dinner plates and other objects can be tracked and illuminated, centerpieces can be highlighted, even menus can be selectively lit.

Tentalux is still a work-in-progress and we expect she'll soon grow up and leave our workshop. The five microprocessors (one brain, three motor control, and one light control) all work in concert with the twelve custom designed servo motors and six lighted tentacles. We continue to develop its organic form and its interactive capabilities.