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"A small workshop specializing in automated craftsmanship"
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Umbrella Gyre

Gyre - "A circular course of motion". The Umbrella Gyre is a kinetic mobile that shows current and predicted precipitation through the movement of umbrellas. Pairs of umbrellas become more active when rain is happening, or likely to happen. A casual glance shows current precipitation, chance of precipitation within 15 minutes, and one hour.

Cambridge, Massachusetts


A living chandelier that interacts with its environment. Using lights at the ends of its six tentacles and a sophisticated vision system, Tentalux can illuminate individual dinner plates and light centerpieces. It can detect and illuminate other things as well (like menus) and dynamically respond to motion. Tentalux can be controlled manually and can remember and replay scenarios. Tentalux has even been trained to use its tentacles to "dance" and "breathe".

Atelier Automatik

Sand Table

A coffee table that draws images in sand below a glass surface. The drawings range from delicate and detailed geometric patterns, mazes, pictures and photographs, to written words. A hidden lighting system brings everything to life with subtly changing colors or vibrant displays.

Private Collection
New York City